It Was Just A Joke!


Natalie Olivares, Editor in Chief

Anaheim Exclusivo would like to clarify that the articles we posted on April 1st are, in fact, jokes that were not meant to be taken seriously. We published the articles in the festive spirit of April Fool’s Day and did not believe that they would be taken at face value. At the end of each article, there was a sentence or so to indicate that they were jokes, including the lines “April Fool’s” and a fake link that led to a Rick Astley, known as a “Rick Roll.”

Our fake articles include “Anaheim Exclusivo Says Goodbye,” “Ms. Chaudry leaves her gray BMW for a Red Lamborghini,” “Goodbye Mrs. Barrios-Gracian,” “Majewski 2020,” and “Mrs. Garrett Strikes it Big!,” all of which had no truth whatsoever. We hope that we did not cause too much confusion, and also hope this may have clarified.

Ms. Chaudry, as of now, has yet to purchase a red Lamborghini, but if she ever does, AE News will be the first on the case.

Mrs. Barrios-Gracian is not 65 years old, and will not retire for a long time.

Ms. Majewski is not currently a candidate in the 2020 presidential race, but if she ever does consider such an endeavor, the newspaper will make sure to follow her every step of the way.

Mrs. Garrett had not yet won the lottery, but we do wish her luck the next time she purchases a ticket.

Anaheim Exclusivo is not anywhere near bankrupt, and will not be shutting down anytime soon. We will continue to publish news articles that are important to our community and that will keep our readers informed and entertained.

We apologize for any confusion caused and thank our readers for their support.