Shane Dawson’s Chuck E. Cheese Conspiracy Theory

Shane Dawsons Chuck E. Cheese Conspiracy Theory

Jaqueline Vargas, Reporter

On February 11th, 2019  YouTuber Shane Dawson released the second part of his two-part conspiracy series: Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson. In his video, he explores his old friend’s abusive relationship with Milos Mihajlovic, the “ultra-realistic voice cloning and text-to-speech” app, Lyrebird, and finally, the mystery behind Chuck E. Cheese’s distorted pizzas.

After the video’s release, all attention has turned to Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza. They repeatedly claim to have fresh pizza, made with fresh ingredients because maintaining “a safe experience for their guest is of utmost importance.” However, many clients have now become skeptical and doubt that this statement was ever true.

The theory Shane Dawson made in his conspiracy video was that Chuck E. Cheese’s “recycles” their pizza because various customers have received pizzas from the establishment that contain different sized slices with cuts that do not line up. As a result, skeptics suggest that Chuck E. Cheese employees look for leftover pizza clients leave behind, then take it to the backroom to put it together with another leftover pizza until it forms a decent-looking whole pizza, then it is reheated.

Representatives from the establishment have come out to debunk the theories, saying, “No conspiracies here — our pizzas are made to order and we prepare our dough fresh in the restaurant, which means that they’re not always perfectly uniform in shape, but always delicious.”  A Chuck E. Cheese employee and Anaheim High School student has also said the conspiracy is false: “I’ve seen them make the pizza and also seen how they cut it. I do not believe it, but I could be wrong and they may do it at other locations. Like I said, where I work, we don’t do that with our pizzas.”

Regardless of all the claims being made by Chuck E. Cheese representatives and employees, many people still believe the theory. Carlos Olivares, another student at Anaheim High School, said he believes the theory because “ [he] couldn’t think of a logical explanation as to why the pizza slices were all shaped differently with the slice line not being even throughout the pie.” He continued saying that he finds Chuck E. Cheese’s response to the situation as pathetic, “most pizza is baked the same way, meaning other pizza slices would also look weird, making these uneven slices look ‘normal’ to us, which obviously isn’t.”

Some people have even commented on Chuck E. Cheese’s Instagram page. “Straight from the bin,” “Yall got some explaining to do,” and “They probably make fresh ones only for the advertises lol,” were some comments left on the page’s posts.

According to Shane Dawson, Chuck E. Cheese has not been sued for their mismatched pizza as of now. They have, however, been sued for 5 million dollars in the past for allegedly promoting child gambling by concerned parents. Many are predicting Chuck E. Cheese will face some lawsuits in the near future if people continue to encounter more evidence that they “recycle” their pizza.