The 90s making their way into 2019

Karina Hernandez, Reporter

The ’90s are considered to be the decade of “ugly” fashion trends ranging from chokers, plaid, denim everything, and most importantly, platform shoes. Platform shoes were seen everywhere in the 1990s. To be trendy you would have to own a pair of those ridiculously big shoes. Many were happy that platform shoes were a thing of the past; however, in 2019 platform shoes made their comeback. They can be found in affordable clothing stores such as Forever 21 and can even be seen walking down the runway.

But from where did platform shoes originate?  Platform shoes are originally from the 1960s; however, the shoes gained their popularity from the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls were a popular girl group from the 90s that sang well-known songs such as “Wannabe.” The Spice Girls were known for their outrageous style and are responsible for the platform shoe trend of that era. Many shoe brands have put their twist on the platform shoes, including Converse, Vans, Fila, and even the shoes considered to be uglier, Crocs.

Thirty-year-old Yadira Ramirez stated,  “I believe that every fashion trend is coming back. What was once considered ugly is what now everyone wants to wear.” When asked if she would consider wearing platforms again she responded, “ Absolutely, I loved wearing platform shoes. They are very comfortable. “  

Although some continue to love platform shoes, not everyone is in favor of their comeback. For example, Jessica Ocampo, an Anaheim High School senior says, “ Platform Shoes? Yea, no. I don’t understand why those horrendous shoes are back in style. I know they are trending right now with those Fila shoes everywhere on Instagram, but I would never consider wearing them.” Platforms continue to be as controversial as they were back in the ’90s.