The High Demand of Airpods: Is It Worth the Hype?


Jaqueline Vargas, Reporter

Apple first introduced Airpods on September 7, 2016, and released them on December 13, 2016, after their release date was postponed from October. Regardless of the Airpods being released two years ago, they have been in high demand thanks to the memes surrounding them.

Airpods memes were made to poke fun at the funny-looking, overpriced product that Apple created. The price runs from $130 if you are lucky enough to find them at Costco to $170.  The Airpods memes have evolved into “Airpod Flexing,” which refers to all the jokes bragging about one’s high status in society due to owning such advanced technology. If someone cannot hear you, it is most likely because they are wearing Airpods and no, they do not fall out. Christmas 2018 was a peak point for the product; news outlets named the Airpods a “Hot Christmas gift” and “a Popular Tech Gift.”  This resulted in hilarious memes made by the public. For example, there were memes where Airpod users were commending and welcoming new members who received them for Christmas- a beautiful ceremony indeed.

Some say it is because of the memes that the product became so popular following the age-old wisdom of “any publicity is good publicity.” However, Alexis Hernandez, a student at Anaheim High School and Airpods user said,  “To be honest, I don’t know what made [Airpods] that popular these past few months.” Gabriela Gonzalez, another student at Anaheim HS also said she thinks “They are good, but they are overhyped.” Nevertheless, people continue to rush into stores to purchase a pair.

Many Apple stores across Europe and Asia have run out of the product and won’t be receiving any new stock until early this year. Every Target and Best Buy in Anaheim and Fullerton have sold out as of January 27th, and there is no specific date for when they will restock. Walmarts around Anaheim and Fullerton have also sold out, yet they have announced that they will restock on February 3rd. If you are planning to get your hands on a pair as soon as possible, ordering directly from Apple’s website is currently the best option. The shipping is free, and they should arrive two weeks after ordering them.