Anaheim High School’s Annual Winter Assembly

Melissa Herrera, Reporter


On December 14, 2018,  Anaheim High School students enjoyed a Winter Assembly put together by the Associated Student Body (ASB).

The assembly brought a warm reminder of the upcoming holidays and a taste of the colonist spirit. However, it could have not been possible without the various groups that showcased their talent. The assembly was inspired by the movie “The Grinch, thematic posters covered the walls of the auditorium and set the script for the event. The hour-long assembly provided live entertainment to all students and teachers.

JROTC’s color guard opened the assembly with The Pledge of Allegiance. The cheerleading squad performed flips and stunts to a Christmas remix. They were applauded by the audience. Band harmonized and performed the song “Sleigh Ride.” The winter spirit continued to vibrate with the choir as they sang “Carol of the Bells.” As the assembly continued, theater performed a section of the drama “It’s a Wonderful Life” leaving the audience with a powerful message that life has a purpose. Not only this, but Dance Production demonstrated their talent as they danced to “Children Will Listen.” Each of these groups was able to demonstrate their hard work and weeks of dedication through their performances. All acts were praised by the audience with happy screams and claps.

The assembly ended with Santa Claus’s appearance; he rode his sleigh across the stage. Various students joined him on stage as he danced to trendy music and did the widely recognized dance move  The dab. With that done, the students who accompanied him on stage threw candy canes to the audience and the curtains rolled down.