Your Voting Plan

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Your Voting Plan

Natalie Olivares, Editor in Chief (English)

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Today, November 6, 2018, Americans all over the country are going out and voting for the midterm elections. This begs the question: what is your voting plan?
Even if you are not eligible to vote yourself, but have parents or siblings that are, make sure that you all have a plan to vote. Remember, the nation will not change if the citizens do not go out and use their voice.

Make Sure You Are Eligible and Registered
In California, same day registration is available to all eligible voters. Once you have completed the registration form, you are automatically eligible to vote as long as you are 18 or older. To be eligible to register you must be:
At least 16 or 17
A US Citizen and resident of California
Not have been convicted of a felony
Not have been ruled by a judge to be mentally incompetent to vote

Make Sure You Know Where to Vote
Don’t know where to vote? Try some of these local areas:
Anaheim City Hall
Santa Ana MainPlace Mall
Saddleback College
Cal State Fullerton
Brea Mall

If you want to find your nearest voting center, follow this link to enter your address and find a polling place near you:

 Childcare While You Vote

If you need child care, the YMCA is offering free child care while parents vote

Make Sure You Have a Way to Get There
Some companies are giving incentives to voters. If you cannot get there yourself, try some of these offers to make sure you can get there!
Uber is giving free and reduced-price rides for anyone traveling to the polls
Lyft is offering riders up to 50% or $5 off on riders going to voting booths
Some public transits are offering the elderly free or reduced-priced rides
For more ideas, visit to figure out how to get there.

These elections will change the course that our nation will follow. You cannot expect change to occur if you do not vote. Even if you cannot currently vote, get your parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family members to vote. Haul the neighbor to the voting booth! The midterm elections affect us more closely than the more popular presidential elections, and if you want to see a change in your city, the best thing to do is get out and vote.