Ms. Moran and Ms. King Share their Paranormal Experiences at AHS

Wendy Medina, Reporter

The picture
Tess Moran, our school’s psychologist, has worked at the colony for two years. When she started working here, paranormal activity was more common than today.

She elaborated that once when she was walking down the hall in the second floor of the main building, she heard footsteps behind her. When she stopped, the sound stopped as well, so she looked behind her. However, when she turned around, the hall was empty.

One day while in her room (which is right next to room 5) the door started to rattle. On January 9th Tess captured something in a picture: “I was on Snapchat. I was going to snap a video to my friend. Snapchat is known to have face filters. As I was going through those filters I noticed something was blinking around my screen, but I couldn’t make up what it was. So I decided to take a picture when one popped, and this is what showed up:

I showed my friend, and they told me it was perhaps the filter. I was like, that I get but this has a face with a mouth, lips and all; normally it just the ears and nose.”

Room 5
About 6 years ago, Dr. Corral, our former principal, allowed a paranormal scientist to run some tests on our campus. He brought the results and stated that Room 5 had the most activity.

Mrs. King, the school’s Theater and Puente English Teacher, currently occupies room 5. She told us some brief stories she experienced:

“When I started working in the colony. Our stage was painted light pink with writing on the wall that said: ‘I see dead people’ ‘There are noises here’ ‘Don’t be here after dark.’ I didn’t think much about it and painted it black.
When I stayed here at night, I felt a cold breeze on my neck, and I would hear faint whispers of my first name. I got spooked and walked out the door.
Also, I…traditionally during Halloween, I tell spooky stories of the hauntings of Anaheim High School. One year, when I had bookcases along the window, as I was telling spooky stories, a hardcover textbook flew across the room. And all the students ran to one side, scared and crying.
On stage there are lights. To turn the light on, one must push a button and turn it. When I came into the room in the morning I found the lights on. I told the custodian that they can’t leave the lights on, because they’ll burn out or cause a fire. They replied saying that they don’t go back there. Even so, this occurs once in a while. Students have felt cold spots on stage, someone stroking their hair, and sudden whispers of their name. I can’t verify this, but there’s a story that someone overdosed in the back room of the stage. Our ghost lets us know his presence. But it’s quite friendly, not a demonic one. We decided to name it Casper.”