Nightmares Become Reality

Mathilda Gonzalez, Reporter

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Knott’s Scary Farm 2018 is filled with thrilling new experiences that will have guests shivering with fear. There are multiple new mazes that have all-new effects that make visitors believe that they are actually in a “cursed scare zone”.

There are also new monsters creeping around the corner that will appear unexpectedly to give guests the fright of their lives. These horrific creatures include clowns, zombies, witches and more. With over 160 acres of fog-filled frights, Knott’s Scary Farm is the must-see attraction this Halloween season.

Knott’s Scary Farm put on the world’s first Halloween Haunt in 1973 and has been scaring Southern Californians for 46 years. Although there are different frightening festivals such as Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Six Flags Fright Fest, and the 17th Door, Knott’s Scary Farm was the first to begin the tradition of scaring visitors throughout the month of October. Here, guests will find no escape and nowhere to hide. Horror creeps throughout the whole park and gives guests a fearful experience for the rest of the night. The scare zones are spread all throughout the park and guests never know when a monster will sneak up on them. The anxiety of not knowing when something will slide out at you with shrieks, scrapes or sparks will keep visitors alert and bemused.

New in 2018 is “Forsaken Lake,” where visitors will find Gothic creatures pulling them into their watery tombs. “The Depth” is a new maze this year that will not disappoint. This maze takes place around a night mining crew facing the mysterious creatures of the deep. This maze has new technology with fog and lighting effects that make it seem as if visitors are walking through a swamp with the creatures hiding below their waist-line and ready to come up from the bottom and startle them. With all these new attractions, Knott’s Scary Farm is this year’s must-see event. Go out and get frightened by these monsters, but remember… there’s no way out!