Men’s Fashion Today

Mathilda Gonzalez, Reporter

Men’s fashion changes throughout society and new trends are being produced day by day.Today’s men enjoy wearing high-priced clothing.
Gody Muñoz is a student at Anaheim High School who is trending in men’s fashion among students. Gody states, “I think men’s fashion is portrayed as having the popular brands like Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Hollister, Adidas and all those expensive brands,” explaining how the ideal fashion of today is wearing expensive clothing.
Many students look up to celebrities in order to keep up with the trends and fit in today’s society. However, Gody Muñoz still believes that everyone should dress however they feel the most comfortable and be their own person without following any celebrity for trends.
“As long as they’re happy,” is what Gody believes in regards to fashion and it should not matter whether that means wearing expensive clothes, being comfortable, or wearing bright colors.