Quarantine from an Introvert


Sincerely Media

Jacob Sanchez, Author

As it’s known, Orange County has been placed in quarantine to protect the lives of the people who live in the area. This means that little to no social contact should be made with people like our friends and family.

To some people, this was a negative announcement. This hit especially hard on the extroverts, whose lives consist of letting people know what they think and feel out loud and socializing with anybody they seem comfortable approaching.

To others, this was nothing new. The people, or groups, who are being referenced in this sentence, are known as introverts. They are the group of people who tend to mostly keep to themselves, not wishing to bring problems upon others.

From hearing my friends’ experiences, as well as my own, introverts were not affected by this quarantine plan. As the quarantine plan consists of staying indoors and not being physically close to anyone, it seems nothing has changed. In fact, most introverts are enjoying the mental suffering of extroverts. Extroverts tend to put introverts on the spot and try prying them out of their comfort zone. Most of us introverts can vouch for this. However, now that the tables have turned and it’s time for the extroverts to settle down a little, the introverts no longer feel such pressure, and it gives time for the introverts to relax.

What might you find an introvert doing during quarantine anyways? Mostly the daily activities they already engaged in during regular days. Most introverts spend their time playing games, drawing, listening to music, and reading. The difference from an introvert doing these activities from that of an extrovert is that they prefer to execute such activities in peace, silence, or in the comfort of their own bubble where they may truly feel at peace with themselves. 


Introvert sitting alone