The Lavish London Fashion Week 2019

Karissa Casas


#The 2019 Fashion week began Friday, September 13, and ended on Tuesday, September 17, taking place at The X Store in London. During this event, fashion designers and brands displayed their latest collections in the runway show. Being that this is a worldwide viewed event, the Fashion presented influences trends for the current and upcoming seasons of the year.

The first day of fashion week is known to be the most important; it sets the mood for the rest of the week. Olivia Johnson, a 21-year old that attended the show said, “It was the best thing I’ve ever seen, there were extraordinary styles and beautiful models, I’m so glad I attended.” This year’s opening show was focused on London women and designers since London is known as the center of Fashion worldwide. Burberry showcased the black and white line, with Kendell Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Gigi Hadid walking the runway, Kendell Jenner’s new blonde hair bright a lot of attention to the London fashion show. 

Day two of the show emphasized new and unique brands and designers. Simone Rocha was one of the most anticipated independent designers showing at the London fashion week; her clothing stressed the importance of vintage clothing. This was the season when designers got experimental. Cowboy boots were an unexpected trend, both on and off the runway. The classic Western versions proved just as popular among the street style set, who wore their boots underneath pleated skirts and floral tea dresses. There was a spectacular show from Christina Agulera performing her top hit and introducing the new Pughs collection, which had a durable Western feel to the clothing. 

Day three was a day filled with democratic conflicts, and protests were organized by an environmental activist group called Extinction Rebellion. Their purpose was to get us all to reconsider the reason why and how we consume clothing. They made the statement; they intended to represent the consequences of the industry’s carbon footprint. They wrote words on their bodies, they dressed in white and slashed themselves in red paint, and some laid on the floor. Altogether, sustainable Fashion was big this year, whether it was being protested for or taken action by the designers. One designer is Dilara Findikoglu, a fashion newcomer, she graduated college three years ago and has quickly attracted a cult following on her clothing’s statement. She emphasized her clothing line on sustainable fabrics and dies; her show was a hit. 

Day four, was BOLD BOLD BOLD! Neon colors, exotic styles, shapes, patterns, and trends were showcased on the runway. London kicked off the fall season in all sorts of bold stripes and patterns. Not only did the models but also the audience wore stripes with vivid reds, neon pinks, and sweet pastels on everything from preppy polos to day dresses. Designers added excitement to essential clothing with the bold stripe method and showed the audience new ways to wear bright

strips for the Fall. For instance, one model wore vertical stripe pants with a relaxed neon pink sweatshirt and another accessorized traditional black-and-white stripes with pops of bright colors. Stephany Ocampos, a current student at FIDM fashion school, said, “These designers set high standards for the fall season, they created a new ambiance for the fashion industry.” 

The final show was filled with music and models not walking but dancing the runway. One of the most highlighting shows was from the brand 16 and Arlington; the models showcased their newest styles by moving and grooving to the music from the 1950s, which was the period where their clothes were inspired by. Many designers incorporated old trends and modernized them, creating the perfect Fashion for Fall and involving the dance and music industry. Katlyn Williams, a 16-year old that attended the Orange County music academy, said, “The fact that they included music and dance to the show, I think brought more attention to the designers and the clothing being displayed.” 

London Fashion Week was a show that will be remembered in Fashion for many years to come. The models, designers, and brands showcased incredible fashion statements.