Thank You Mrs. Elder


Jebb Harris

Meg Elder teaches dance at Anaheim High School. (Photo by Jebb Harris, Orange County Register)

Lizbeth Real, Guest contributor

Dear Mrs. Elder,

 I will take advantage of this opportunity and let you know that I am extremely thankful for everything you have taught me in these two years. I will also be forever grateful to have been so fortunate to have had you as a teacher and for me to be one of your students. It was truly a great blessing to have been taught by such an outstanding and talented teacher. Unfortunately, you are no longer going to be here to see my class and I progress and reach our goals. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be myself in your classroom, to feel free in the dance room and to most importantly, dance. School really was the best, knowing I can continue my passion when I’m no longer doing it outside of school. Your class was really something I would look forward to every day, especially you pushing us to work harder and giving us all advice you implemented throughout your talks with us, which I absolutely take into consideration. I don’t necessarily think every thank you in the world is enough to show you how thankful I truly am but I’m trying my best to put it into words. I also profoundly thank you for seeing the potential and what is required in me to have made it in dance production. That really made me believe in myself even more and my growing confidence is what I owe you. Although it was my fault for letting down an amazing assemble, I also thank you for putting me in Dance 3 and giving me that opportunity as well. I met so many people I got so close to and I learned so much. I hope you enjoy life so much more now that you are retiring. Once again thank you, Mrs. Elder, thank you for being the teacher and person I look up to and aspire to be.


Lizbeth Real