Thank You Mr. Belyea


Michael Bustamante, Guest contributor

Dear Mr. Belyea,

Today I want to address you in a very kind way and thank you and congratulate you for being a great person. A great teacher is a very honest person who always tries to get ahead and give the best. I want to thank you because of you I am learning a new language which is English. With you, I learned a lot of things. Sometimes I am a bit out of control in class I sometimes speak but I promise I will not do it anymore. I will be more willing to learn. You are a great teacher who teaches us this new language. Thank you very much. I thank you and I hope you will continue to fulfill all your dreams that nothing will stop you. I know that you are a great person and can reach many blessings for you. Thank you very much for everything you have taught us. Thank you for me. It was an honor to write you this thank you letter. It is all I can tell you,  it is very little but have in my mind what these words go with a lot of affection for you. Thank you very much have a nice day.

                                      FROM: MICHAEL BUSTAMANTE