Female Empowerment: Celebrating the Fight for Equity


Vanessa Sanchez, Editor-in-Chief (Spanish)

March 7th marks the day set aside for female empowerment during Anaheim High School’s Unity Week. Students have donned with in honor of the female House of Representatives who wore white during President Trump’s State of the Union Address. The color white has become synonymous with women’s fight for– not equality– equity.

Throughout history, suffragists were recognized for the white dresses they commonly wore when they protested through the streets, demanding opportunities and rights that were forbidden to them. Without a doubt, our society has come a long way since then. Women were able to gain their right to vote on August 18, 1920, many found themselves flooding the working place and a greater emphasis was placed on getting an education.

When we live in a time where there are vast social improvements, what exactly is “female empowerment”? Senior Phania Robles responded in the following manner, “Female empowerment is succeeding in any situation, even in those where the odds are difficult. It’s helping other women prosper and grow.”

Freshman Zulette Orduña said, “Female empowerment to me means how we woman [sic] overcome all the hardships of fighting for our rights and how if we all came together we would be stronger than anything that would stand in our way.”

Despite these words coming from two different people of two different ages, the phrase seems to carry the same connotation. These feelings are no different than those of the suffragists who bravely went against their fathers, husbands, and society.

Female empowerment does not just affect women, it has an impact on men as well. When a woman is empowered and knows her worth, she raises her son to respect other women as well. When this happens, he is more likely to have healthy relationships with other females (filial, platonic, intimate or romantic) based on mutual respect. A positive cycle like this is crucial to bettering this world. If we expect to see more changes, we must encourage female empowerment to happen in our everyday lives. Female empowerment is much more than an action.

Female empowerment is a lifestyle.