The Conjuring’s Mistake

Abel Rosas, Digital Editor

The Nun is the fifth installment to The Conjuring series and revolves around the demon Valak. The movie takes place in 1952 at an abbey in Romania where a nun takes her life and her body is found by a villager by the name of Frenchie, who transfers supplies to the nuns in the abbey. When the Vatican gets word of this, they send Father Burke to Rome to meet with Sister Irene, a nun in her novitiate, a period of time before a nun takes her vows. Father Burke and Sister Irene travel to Romania to investigate the incident and meet with Frenchie. The movie is directed by Corin Hardy.


Rather than using suspense and playing with the audience with unexpected moments, the movie instead uses cliché jumpscares and tacky scene setups. Horror movies should give their audience chills and keep them clinging to their seats, but The Nun does none of this. It felt more like a parody rather than a serious movie meant to terrify.

Is this movie worth watching? The Nun made the audience jump out of their seats, but not in a way that left a lasting effect. The movie had its many jumpscares, but overall, it was not frightening. The movie had too many jokes and comedic scenes to be an intense horror movie. The story was entertaining and is a great movie to watch with friends, but not a movie to watch if you want to have nightmares for weeks.


Rating: ★★☆☆☆